Weight Loss- Amounts of Calories To Reduce

One of the fastest growing epidemics in the modern world is not a deadly virus but rather a self inflicted disorder. Obesity rates in not only adults but also children has sky rocketed in recent years. The problem is not slowing but continuing to grow out of control. Markets have sprung up around the problem offering an array of fake solutions and false hope. To fix the problem of obesity what is really needed is the facts on how weight gain actually work in the first place. If you understand what causes changes in weight you can identity your problem and address it before it is to late.

The general rule for weight gain and loss is that one pound of body mass is equivalent to three thousand five hundred calories. If you eat more three thousand five hundred calories in excess to what your body needs in a single day that will cause you to gain one pound. In the same manor, for every three thousand five hundred calories less than you normally would you will lose one pound of weight. A healthy diet is a good place to start for weight loss. It is not safe to try and lose more than a pound or two a week keep this in mind when creating your diet. First you need to know how many calories you personally need in one day. That can be found here. After you know that, for every pound you would like to lose a week, subtract five hundred calories. So if you wanted to lose two pounds a week and needed three thousand calories a day you would eat two thousand calories a day instead. Another important thing to consider is that you do not have to take all your calories out of your food. If you eat five hundred calories less a day and burn five hundred a day exercising you will still lose two pounds a week not just one.

Understanding calories is the best way to regulate and manipulate your weight easily without having to be sucked into some over priced diet plan that does not work.