Vajrasana means the posture of ankle. Vajrasana is one of the sitting postures in which one can practice meditation, pranayama for a longer duration without any constraints. The practice of pranayama and meditation in Vajrasana posture would add more positive effects in our body as well as the mind. Vajra means “diamond” in Sanskrit. It is said one would obtain the strength of vajra (diamond) by practicing Vajrasana. By practicing this particular Asana the Vajra nadi which runs thru the ankle is boosted up and strengthened.

In the process of Vajrasana, one should keep the heels together and should possibly keep his spine erected. The shoulder and neck joints should be relaxed. The breathing pattern should be slow, deep, rhythmic and relaxed.

Health Benefits

Vajrasana is extremely effectively for the following health conditions:

Gastro-intestinal disorder
General Benefits

This particular Asana is extremely helpful for loosening joints and muscles in our leg. It increases the blood circulation in lower-abdominal region.

Spiritual Benefits

As discussed earlier Vajrasana plays a major role in Spiritual activities. From time to time people can observe that many Saints are seated in Yogic position. Vajrasana is one such posture which gives enormous Spiritual energy to one’s body and mind. If one performs pranayama and meditation in Vajrasana, the effects are doubled. It is also one of the very convenient postures in Yoga.