Understanding The History Of Yoga

Many men and women today are able to achieve countless health benefits by practicing the art form known as yoga. However, for as many people who practice the discipline, not many truly understand the history of yoga. Yoga itself has can be derived from other words that mean when defined, “to control,” and, “to unite.” Yoga comes from a combination of many different ideologies, but all of which are closely related.
Buddhist texts have been discovered as they relate to the history of yoga, and they specifically and in detail describe a lot of the meditation techniques that are found throughout the training and philosophy of common day yoga, but also ones that date as far back as to the time of pre-Buddhism. Many seals have also been discovered in the Indus Valley Civilization in Pakistan have shown pictures which resemble some of the poses of yoga that are still practiced today.
While not all of the poses are directly seen as being a part of yoga, many of the moves in may be traced back to the ancient pictures found in the Indus Valley. The Indus Valley Civilization adds a lot to the history of yoga, seeing as it was in existence around the period of 3,300 until 1,700 B.C.
When put into Hindu philosophy, yoga is the actual name of one of the six philosophical schools of thought. There, Patanjali was able to study the philosophy and put the ideas into more of what we think of today with formal yoga philosophy. When those ideals were formed into place with the more common movements that we practice today, it is very important to remember that while you may practice different poses, you must also strive for a stronger mental discipline throughout your practice as well as a stronger physical discipline.
Overall, the history of yoga is very important to understand in general if you wish to pursue yoga at its finest points. While you may not understand where everything came from, it is important to realize that it isn’t just a set of stretches to do; yoga is based upon philosophies and spiritualties so that those who practice yoga are able to achieve a higher sense of self.