Understanding Pranayama Yoga And Breathing

While many individuals may think of yoga as just a series of moves and poses, the reality is that yoga is made up of so much more. In yoga, everything must be accounted for, thoughts, movements, and even breathing. Pranayama yoga is the art of breathing in yoga which is very important for all practitioners.

Yoga itself is about improving your focus to the level that you will be able to control all aspects of what is around you, and to many who are deep within the yoga ideology, the breathing can be one of the most vital.

In pranayama yoga you cannot just breathe in and out and expect to achieve your best results. You are taught how to manipulate your breathing so that you can fully fill your body with fresh air and supply fresh oxygen to all of your body’s organs. Also in pranayama yoga, individuals believe that when they fully practice these breathing techniques, they are able to deliver a form of energy known as prana to their entire body with the air as well.

The idea and the practice of allowing for the most air and prana to enter the body comes from focusing on each phase of the breathing cycle and learning how to elongate each specific phase. When one practices the idea frequently enough, it is believed that they are able to untangle their energy lines and have their energy and prana flow freely throughout their body.

The phases are inhalation, full retention, exhalation, and empty retention.

All four of the phases are vital to the individual, and when one can learn to control all of the phases, one is then able to manipulate the body and lengthen the breathing cycle.

While many may not understand pranayama yoga, it is a very specific yet in depth part of the yoga philosophy of breathing. Individuals who participate in this form are often able to control their breathing which in turn will help with other items such as stress, self-control, overall calmness, and possibly even more spirituality.

Pranayama yoga may not be for you, but it is definitely worth a try as it has benefits for any and all who practice.