Understanding Concept of Yoga

Yoga is a one of the physical activity and mental disciplines originated from India. The name of Yoga is associated with meditative practices in Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism. In Jainism, it is referred as the all activities of yoga’s are physical, verbal and mental.

In Hinduism, it is also referred as one of the standard schools of Hindu philosophy and the goal to which schools direct its practices. There are major breaches of yoga such as Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga and Raja Yoga. Commonly, Yoga is main part of the Samkhya tradition. Raja Yoga, collect the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and this is known as the yoga background of the Hindu Philosophy.

The main aspect of yoga is the Bhagavad-Gita, the Siva Samhita, Upanishads, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and various Tantras. Outside India, the word ‘yoga’ is naturally associated with Hatha Yoga or a form of exercise. People who practice yoga or follow the yoga’s philosophy, are called as Yogi. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj. It means “to yoke”, “to control”, or “to unite”. Yoga is a peaceful form of exercise. It can help the person to alleviate depression. Yoga poses and Meditation can help you to attack the root cause of depression. The person feels that he/she cannot handle the demands of his/her life. That energies your mind and body, promotes concentration, and stimulates circulation and nervous system.

Yoga is a one of the spiritual practice. The main objective of yoga is awakening to ones the real nature or cosmic consciousness, more expanded states of absorption, gradually attaining higher and more advanced stages of “Samadhi”. Generally, breathing is vital to yoga. You feel breathe out naturally, not forcefully. When you feel difficult to breathe, you try to become aware of this and take care of your breathing consistent.

Generally, tense the muscles in your fingers, hands, waists, elbows, arms, shoulders, neck, and chest as well the muscles of your trunk and legs. Hold the anxiety, then exhale and relax. You feel how the pressure has melted away from your body. Meditation is one of the powerful tools for the long term happiness. Regular exercise of yoga will protect you from depression and help you to stay the bright minded. Yoga can be useful to you to achieve your healthy life. Naturally, yoga is defined as discipline. People, who are practicing yoga regularly will definitely increase their body strengths, stretches the muscles and increase their concentration.

Physical control is important in yoga. Once who practice the yoga they try to utilize this discipline to reach the high level of consciousness. Yoga means not only physical value. Most of the yogis are take most important to breathing and deep breathes. Because, they all consider breathing is one of the prime forces of life. Yoga exercise is not just the body but mind also. You have so many chances of yoga classes at gyms, clubs and community centers in your neighborhood. So, you have to find the time to make those classes.

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