The Miracles of Acai Berries

A secret fruit created by nature’s hand has long been hidden deep in the Amazon rain forests of Brazil. What is this wondrous fruit? It is the acai berry! The acai berry may be a new discovery for Americans but it has been a food of choice for the natives of Brazil for hundreds of years. Although the acai berry has been the center of some recent internet scams, many scientists are calling it nature’s perfect food, although there is very little food to it. The small dark grape sized berry is about ninety percent seed and pit. Thousands of the little guys are rounded up at once, and then processed to remove the pits in seed so that only the pulp remains.

So what does this little berry do for you? The acai berry is loaded with antioxidants which strengthen the body’s immune system and overall health. Antioxidants have even been shown to fight off cancer and other harmful diseases. One of the reasons the berry has gained such popularity is the massive energy boost it delivers. It is nothing like the short lived energy boost of caffeine but rather a more natural way of gaining energy from the energy you already have. The antioxidants in the acai berry are so powerful that your body’s immune system doesn’t have to work nearly as hard so the energy that would be used to fight off harmful diseases is used in other ways. Taken over long periods of time it can drastically increase your bodies overall health. Brazilian soccer players have been known to have a large meal of acai berries before a game because they help prepare their bodies and boost their stamina.

The miracles of the acai berry stretch far beyond just energy and fighting off diseases like green tea does. The acai berry seems to treat almost anything. Studies have shown that acai berries also help people with obesity loose weight and help people with high blood pressure as well as fight off heart disease. The miracle berry has even been shown to increase people’s vision. The acai berry is truly nature’s perfect fruit.