The Kundalini Yoga

The kundalini refers to the primordial energy present in every human being and evolves Sushumna, its main channel located along the spine, through chakra to the crown. This technique allows the equilibration and the conjunction of updrafts and downdrafts of the body moving through the main energy channels ( nadi ) left ( Ida ) and right ( Pingala ). Some schools of Hatha Yoga will draw large loans, including their representations of the body energy.

Jung continued throughout his life, an analysis of psychology and human tried among others, a reconciliation between Eastern thought – Kundalini Yoga – theories and psychoanalysis . Fundamentally, psychoanalysis is a ” praxis “, an empirical method, whose theoretical models emerge precisely with the beginning of Jung in the psychoanalytic movement (definition of a” complex “). Yoga provides an easy justification of these models that are neither psychoanalytic nor yogic and will recycle almost all of Judeo-Christian models. Aleister Crowley would have been inspired counterpoint of Kundalini Yoga precisely the definition Jungian.

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