Session internalization

A meeting of internalizing and calming the mind through the work of opening the hips and bending forward. Remember that the positions represented are not necessarily accessible to everyone, and it is better to adjust the position of having evil (eg knees.).
Given the stance of the session, hold the poses a little longer and feel well the effects of the postures, the internal openings, and relaxation.

Start with several minutes of deep breathing while sitting or lying down, and sing three times the mantra “OM” by bie nvibrer whole body. Listen to the silence that follows.

1 and 2: twisting the ground, 2 or three times on each side (can not do that No 1)
3: Passive stretching of the hip
4: Single seated twist
5: Torsion more intense 1 / 2 mastyendrasan (4 if the resume is too intense)
6: janushishasan, 1 times on each side, maintain at least 10 long breaths
7: badakonasan, concentration on the elongation of the trunk and spine
8: attention to knees, the leg below may remain tense ahead to simplify posture. It stretches forward once in the position
9: parivritta upavistakonasan, stretch both sides of the bust
10 : Pacimottanasan the clip to finish, and re-balance the two sides of the back, maintaining at least 10 long breaths

Finish with a relaxation to the ground and a few minutes of sitting in silence. Observe what has subsided and opened to you.