Preparation of Padmasana, by prolonged sitting

It is a question often. Besides the exercises here and there , here is another effective way of easing the hips to the Lotus (Padmasana).

Seating with one leg on a bolster:

Sit cross-legged with your back upright. If the back is not fully recovered, you were sitting on a support (pillow or yoga block) that will allow rectification of both vertical and relaxing. If the seat is not possible, you will need to work before trying the following exercises below.

Then place a bolster front of you (or a rolled blanket on itself). The bolster is placed in front of and parallel to itself. Place one leg on the bolster.


It’s interesting work, which should engage the hip knee and ankle of the bent leg should not be solicited. If so, it is necessary to adjust the position. The key to a good job of hips: keep the upright posture, without switching back. If the bolster is too high to sit up straight, is that you will find a medium less high (folded blanket).

If you feel your knee ever so slightly on the external side, move to bolster the foot is released on the bolster support. The knee and go up a bit. If this is insufficient and bring the foot of the pubis, until it is sitting comfortably. If you do not hear this signal, you will create too much strain on your lateral meniscus, and it may crush a bit. With the relaxation, these accommodations are no longer needed.