Manifestation, Abundance And You

In the most basic sense of the word manifestation refers to one’s ability to control the direction of their own life. In a more powerful form it is the ability to tap into the power of the mind to create the results that you want. Just like many of the mind’s abilities, we are all born with an innate sense of such skills and we stop developing them when we are very young.

Sometimes this is because we are told outright that we have no control and other times it is because life’s weight bears down on us from a very young age and we just don’t realize that we have more power than we know. Yet, even under the various matters that weighs down our minds we still have the power of manifestation and anyone who wants to start tapping into it can do so with discipline.

The power of the mind has yet to really even be partially explored. The mind is capable of so many different things that we just don’t fully understand. We can do these things and often not even realize that our mind is responsible. When it comes to manifestation, many people already know the basics.

How many times have you been told that healing your ill body is just as much in your mind as it is in your body? How many times have you been told that focusing on what you really want will get you there? These are mild forms of manifestation. These are the natural and intuitive senses that we already have and use regularly. The main reason why so many of us fail to use them and reap their rewards on a regular basis is that our mind is also clogged up with a lot of useless information.

Yet we have so much more inside of us if we choose to develop it. We can take the garbage that clogs our minds and remove it and allow our brain to tap into our life. We can turn over our power directly to our senses and develop the idea that our mind can literally control the outcome of many different aspects of our life. We have this power if we want it.

For instance, if we spend all of our spare time gaming, we are feeding our minds the material for the game. We are clogging it with game information instead of tapping into its ability to help us focus and learn how to tap into our own abilities. Yet if we spend our time reading and learning and practicing, we are feeding our minds information that will help us with our manifestation skills. It’s all relative. The more aware of the skill you are the more apt you are to focus on it. The more you focus on it the more apt you are to tap into its power. The more you are able to tap into its power the more you will continue to develop it.

When we determine that we are going to relax and listen intuitively to our own sense we start clearing away a lot of the junk and belief systems that block our ability to tap into our own power of manifestation. We are powerful people when we get through the junk. Only those who are willing to embrace a lifestyle of clearing the mind and listening to the senses will be truly successful. It’s a commitment but it is one that can change your whole life.

Manifestation is possible for anyone who becomes disciplined when it comes to mastering the abilities that are already there. Once you master the ability that is natural to you, developing the abilities further is much easier.

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