History of Yoga

Yoga is art of leading a right life by making right choice and it works very well, when you start practicing it in your daily life. It works on all aspects of life of a person i.e. emotional, spiritual, psychic and physical. The word yoga derived from the Sanskrit word “YOGI”, which means unity, oneness and join.

There are some beliefs and mistaken ideas in the world of science of yoga. Some people think that it is some kind of white or black magic, which gives psychological or physical sensual pleasure through which very surprising feats can be performed. For some people, practicing yoga could be extremely dangerous and it is specially meant for experts and young persons. And practicing yoga works very well for physical acrobatics and mentally retired people.

Sometimes human mind subjected to certain weakness, because of work pressure and problems. Asmita and Avidya are affected with down’s syndrome of oneself, dweshad always try to hate objects and persons, raga is usually attach with the affections and sensories and abinivesha are some of the defects of mind that should be removed . Yoga, the introspection eradicates and constant meditation helps to remove these types of mental flaws.

The Nature of Yoga, according to meaning of the Yoga is “The universe exists only for the sake of her self.” Not for controlling the desired objects, not for the sack of pleasure and beauty, not for great Architecture plan and structuring beautiful world and not for outer world. Universe itself filled with valuable monuments and cannot be stolen objects from its beautiful and luxurious monuments. If you look towards blue sky, beautiful mountains with snow-clad peaks, valleys fragrant with blossoms, oceans with greater depth and calm lakes, how beautiful they are. And it is very difficult or almost impossible to construct these types of mountains, clouds and beautiful deep Oceans by man made materials or by human being’s.

The world, we are leaving is really very beautiful with all its suffering and happiness, its pain and joy is almost planned with the greatest genuinety. From the LOGOS to the fire-mist, all exists for the sake of her self. The mightiest deva in certain important place or heavenly regions, the beautiful small plant grows on the nook of a mountain, the star’s shine on the sky and the smallest grain of the dust are meant for her self i.e. Universe. The loveliest and loftiest deva “Mamamsaha AMY portion A” i.e., myself “says Sri Krishna, all these living spirits in this universe took birth and still exists, for themselves i.e. human beings, sun shines, wind blows, rain falls and waves rolls all meant for them means indirectly Lord Krishna saying that the self may know himself as manifested in matter, as embodied in the universe.

According to yogi, the mind is just like a individualize perception of some thing, i.e. the activities, which the psychologist puts outside from your mind only on the basis of Eastern psychology that is nothing but Yoga. Individualize perception means becoming or studying deeply about the things, which is around us. Practicing Yoga having lot of advantages, the diseases we are facing like cancers, diabetics and heart attack can be cured by daily practicing Yogasanna.

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