Eat five times a day and still lose weight – Yoga weight loss diet

How many times you sacrifice on something you like because you are fat? Men, how many times you don’t go and initiate a conversation with women because you think you are fat? Ladies, how many vacations would you spend outside the swimming pool, just because you are self conscious about your body and you won’t wear a bathing suit? I personally gave up wearing shorts and sleeveless t-shirts because I was very self conscious about my body and didn’t want anyone to see my huge arms and legs. Yea, huge. I was eating four balanced meals in a day and after three months I still had my belly bulging out. What was I doing wrong?

I realized I was chomping on some mini snacks in between these four meals which consisted of spicy meat balls, chocolate bars and tuna sandwiches. Why was I eating when I wanted to reduce my weight? I didn’t want to but I couldn’t control my urges. Those things looked so delicious. This is for people out there who can’t control their urges. Now, I followed a routine that kept my stomach and mind full. How many times your belly is full but mind is not and you end up over eating?

This is called yoga diet which is making waves across the globe. It helps you keep your body and mind clean. More importantly, yoga diet is natural and thus immensely popular among health conscious people. It helps you improve your spiritual and mental level of development. It also develops qualities such as tolerance, patience and most importantly mental awareness. You can eat five meals a day and still not gain a single pound. Yoga diet consists of:

Morning: 8 am – Have a little heavy meal as you need energy for your daily work. Mind you, little heavy and not heavy. Following combinations are proved to be effective: Cereals + Toast Fresh fruit juice + toast Milk + fresh fruits Omelet + Toast + Fresh fruit juice Morning: 11 am – So your mind is again hungry? No worries. Have a class of fresh fruit juice or biscuits. Even cream biscuit will do. Afternoon: 2 pm – Ah, lunch time. Leta€™s eat something tasty. This can consist of pasta, rice or potatoes and a glass of water. Remember, a glass of water is very important and consume only after you finish your lunch. Afternoon 5 pm – Like 11 am, fill your stomach with fresh fruits or biscuits. Evening 8 pm – Dinner time! Like lunch, you can consume pasta, rice or potatoes. Also throw in some meat balls if you would like to. My dinner consists of soup, potatoes and rice. Drink a glass of water after you are finished.

There you go – five healthy meals every day with appropriate breaks in between. So you eat five meals a day and not gain a single pound.