Ananda Yoga: For Beginners and Professionals Alike

Ananda Yoga translates literally as union through bliss. It is a more basic form of yoga that reinforces the ideas of mental, physical, and spiritual harmony through focusing on certain body positions and improving your state of consciousness. Many individuals who don’t know what yoga really is will typically think of Ananda yoga in their minds when they picture yoga in general.
The reason for this is because that this type of yoga is for beginners especially, as it allows individuals to focus on the current moves at hand and then slowly move to more difficult poses rather than forcing them into extreme stances right off the bat.
Ananda yoga is a type of yoga that is focus on the inward nature; it doesn’t involve aerobic exercise nor does it teach anything aggressive or extremely physical in nature. That isn’t to say that the practice isn’t physical, as it definitely can take a toll on even the most experienced practitioners.
Through its constant reinforcement of proper alignment and also maintaining relaxation throughout the exercises, ananda yoga can be very fulfilling regardless of how intense they may be. While many might not be drawn to this specific type for its lack of flash, this is definitely a great way to not only get started within the realm of yoga, it is also the way to continue ones path towards achieving a higher self-awareness.
Above all else, this specific form of yoga tries to teach others about the spiritual essense associated within its philosophies rather than simply forcing the individuals into specific moves and formations. The practice of this form is one that is said to not only raise your level of consciousness, it also harmonizes your body, soul, and mind whether you are a first day beginner or a life time professional.
As difficult as some of the moves can be in this discipline, Ananda yoga tries to teach that relaxation is a part of becoming more self-aware, and if you can truly relax while putting your body into more stressful environments, you will be able to achieve a higher sense of self and spirituality.