All You Need to Know About Moksha Yoga, an Introduction

Yoga pertains to the traditional disciplines, both mental and physical. Yoga is closely associated with meditative practices whether it’s Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. The word “yoga” originates from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means, to control, to yoke or to unite. Another meaning of yoga is contemplation or absorption.

When one undergoes yoga, your goal should be to improve your health and until you achieve Moksha. Moksha is liberation from any worldly hardships and also the cycle of birth and death. Moksha Yoga is a hot kind of yoga literally.

Moksha Yoga is ideal for both beginners and professionals. Founded by Jessica Robertson and Ted Grant of Canada in 2004, they have established the green standards of yoga and developed 40 postures in a hot studio. A good example of Moksha Yoga is Moksha Hot Yoga. In this type of yoga, you get to practice postures in a heated studio. The name says it all – Moksha Hot Yoga. Doing this type of yoga helps you stretch and strengthen your muscles. Aside from these, you get to tone those muscles while your body undergoes detoxification. Moksha Yoga does not only help your physical body improve and relax but it also has a calming effect on the mind. Moksha Yoga is both mind and body.

Moksha Yoga studios are available in different places. In North America, there are studios all over Canada and the United States. In Europe, there is a Moksha Yoga studio in Switzerland. When these studios operate in different places, they need to follow certain standard and strict environmental controls. Before a studio can start its operations, they need to sign an agreement which states that environmental controls should be in place while operating the Moksha Yoga studio. Whatever operating equipment and products that will be used should be environmental friendly. The supplies that the studio uses are non-toxic in nature. Heating equipment and lights should also be of low consumption in terms of electricity.

When you enroll in a Moksha Yoga class, what are the things that you can expect? The Moksha Yoga studios are being managed by certified teachers or trainers. You start your session with Savasana and you end the session with a Savasana too. Just like in any yoga class, you start with your warm-up session then you start working out with your spine, hips and the upper body.

Doing Moksha Yoga gives you a great number of health benefits that you can imagine. It helps you remove stress, improves your cardiovascular and immune systems, gives you energy and even helps you lose weight.

Moksha Yoga is a healthy way to get healthier. There are a lot of different yoga classes that are being offered but Moksha Yoga is the only one that is literally environmental friendly. You can also check in the Moksha Yoga website to look for Moksha Yoga accredited studios. This is to make sure that you will get nothing but the best teachers and the real deal of Moksha Yoga.