10 Health Benefits of Moksha Yoga

Most of us have probably tried doing some yoga at one point in our lives. We have some ideas on the effects of yoga in our bodies, mind and life. Just like any other yoga, Moksha Yoga’s goal is for wellness without destroying the environment. More than what we typically know of yoga and what it can do to us, Moksha Yoga goes farther than that. What are the health benefits that we can get out of Moksha Yoga?

Relief from stress
Stress can kill our body and it can affect our productivity at work. Moksha Yoga is capable of relieving physical stress. By taking one big breath and giving a sigh, you can de-stress yourself. You can feel more relaxed as you remove the stress from your body.

Helps overcome depression
Having depression is a difficult situation to be in because you get to think a lot of negative thoughts and if left untreated, can even elevate to a more severe one. How does Moksha Yoga help remove depression? It involves exercises of the posture and this hits the pineal gland. The Pineal gland is responsible for the release of serotonin, a mood hormone. During yoga, the pineal gland flushes oxygenated blood and your emotions become balanced.

Relaxation of joints
Moksha Yoga classes are done in heated rooms. Heat helps relax joints, specifically the knee and back joints. Remember when you had to put a heating pad or hot bottle water on your body and it relieved your joints from pain? This is how Moksha Yoga works. Aside from the hot room effects, the actual yoga focuses in opening the hips. This is where usually the back and knee pain originates.

Scoliosis relief
In this type of yoga, the focus is on one’s posture. Scoliosis is a deformity of the spine and Moksha Yoga helps eases the pain and strengthens internal muscle structure on the back. This allows movement and better posture.

Relief from headache
The postures used in Moksha Yoga relieve the tightness in the shoulder and neck areas. When your neck and shoulders are relaxed, blood flow is increased and headaches decreases. It is even possible that your migraine will no longer recur.

Relief from Arthritis
Arthritis is very painful and the heat in Moksha Yoga studios creates relief on those sacrificing from arthritis. In physical therapy, part of the treatment is putting heating pads on the affected joint. When you enroll in Moksha Yoga classes, there is no need for a separate physical therapy treatment for your arthritis.

Improves Digestion
Those who undergo Moksha Yoga classes no longer crave for junk food and this made them go for a healthier diet thus improving their digestion with food.

Removes insomnia
The postures that are being done in Moksha Yoga classes helps increase the blood flow in the pineal gland. When this happens, melatonin is released thus helping you have that restful sleep that you crave for.

Eliminates constipation
Performing Moksha Yoga through relaxed breathing helps relax the central nervous system. Peristalsis happens and this helps processed food move in the digestive system until it goes out of the body. There are also postures that increases blood flow to the colon therefore helping an individual in the digestive process the food undergoes.

Improves Posture
When you undergo regular Moksha Yoga classes, the spine becomes stronger each day. Remember, Moksha Yoga classes focuses on Posture. It only follows that everything about posture will show improvement as well.

Moksha Yoga is a healthy way to improve oneself in terms of health. One does not need to take medicines or undergo treatment just to achieve a healthy life. There are ways and means to attain the health benefits that you have been longing for. Moksha Yoga is one of those ways and means for a healthful living.